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Conteur is proud to announce that Eryn Waltman is a Capezio Ace Award Finalist

Eryn Waltman, Conteur’s talented Artistic Director has been invited back to New York City once again this summer, as one of fifteen finalists for the Capezio Ace Awards.  She has the opportunity to showcase her choreography during the Dance Teacher Summit at the Hilton Hotel on August 6th, 2013. Ms. Waltman is honored to have the opportunity to return to New York City and partake in one of the most prestigious choreographer’s showcases in North America.  Ms. Waltman and Conteur would like to thank everyone who supported the process by viewing, voting and sharing her submission piece!


The piece, titled re(spective), features experimental concepts and movement in preparation for Conteur Dance Company’s upcoming season. With the development of our world as we presently know it, there comes strong expectations, preconceived notions, and a desire to be socially compatible, which alters the framework of one’s authentic perception of surroundings, of time, of purpose, and ultimately of the self. Such a fabricated conception of life places the individual out of perspective. “To put into perspective” – The act of redefining one’s perception of the simple matters, thereby allowing the individual to first see and then go about gaining a genuine sense of fulfillment in succeeding to accomplish the greater objectives.


For those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to view her submission piece:


The Conteur Academy Presents… FRAMES

After a year of hard work and intense training the students of Conteur’s Academy took stage for their end of the year performance, FRAMES.


The dancers hard work paid off; they exceeded the expectations of the faculty and audience combined.

The audience is still raving about the show…

“Literally moved by movement. The dancers were stunning. Choreography was captivating. A must see performance!!” –Karen McDonald

Conteur would like to thank those who attended FRAMES.  You made a great audience, provided support to the students and feedback to our faculty.  The rave reviews after each performance were beyond what we at Conteur could have ever asked for. On behalf of everyone here, we thank you.


Students of the Academy:

*Amanda Donato *Bailey Woodman *Brittany Fitzsimmons *Christine Poulin

 *Courtney Owen-Muir *Cristina Sinopoli *Frances Stabile *J.T. Papandreos

 *Jeff Pollock *Kalene Jeans *Karissa Polsom *Kayla Palmer

*Kelly Johnson *Mackenzie Carlson *Marcy Mills *Melanie Tustin

*Nicholas Eichenberger *Noemie Roy *Olivia Boyer *Paige Anderson

 *Raquel Gutierrez *Samantha Brifoglio *Shayla Walker *Sydney McManus *Zachary Rivest