The Academy

Conteur was established in 2011, after the realization of the need for dancers in the Canadian Dance Industry to continue to study and train beyond a dancer’s formative years in the studio. Founded by Eryn Waltman, Conteur’s vision is to offer a program in which elite dancers may continue to grow technically, hone their skills and gain a portfolio of knowledge to aid in professional opportunities. The Academy’s program is intended to enhance the training experience of those seeking a career in dance, whether it be in performance, teaching or choreography. Since its official launch in October 2012, The Academy continues to train and mentor bright and talented dancers across Canada and the US.

Through its 2-year training program, The Academy enhances and further develops the skills of an already accomplished dancer with exposure to Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Floor, Pilates, Yoga, and other specialties of dance and body training. Students are offered a unique program which aids in the existing development of their expertise and assists in building their professional portfolio recommended for pursuing a career in the dance industry.

Registration into The Academy is via Audition Only. Please email: for all audition information.

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