The Conteur Academy | Summer Intensive Program Location

All classes within The Conteur Academy and Summer Intensive Program are housed through our venue partner and home at:

Sean Boutilier Academy of Dance
11 Plastics Ave
Toronto, ON
M8Z 4B6

Management Contact:

MOI Artist Management
c/o: Dani Matte
38 Avoca Ave, Suite #904
Toronto, ON, M4T 2B9
Direct: 416.315.7662

Artistic Director

No emails regarding auditions or Academy information will be answered through this email address.

Eryn Waltman

For Detailed Inquiries, see the associated email contact information below:

General Information

All general inquiries can be sent to this address, including and company information. Please note that responses may take a couple days due to the high frequency of email transactions.

Academy Inquiries

Any inquiries regarding The Conteur Academy can be sent to this address.

Audition Information

For any and ALL audition information, please send inquiries to the following address. All audition attendees should email this address prior to the audition, in order to receive the forms for the audition process.