Conteur: re(ACT) Fundraising Campaign

In an effort to maximize awareness and support for our charitable partner – THREE TO BE; Conteur has launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign.

A production of this magnitude takes countless hours of preparation, dedication, and perseverance to carry out. In addition to these efforts, Conteur’s goal of  giving back to the community by donating proceeds to THREE TO BE adds a new dimension to the project. We, at Conteur are committed to this goal, and understand the necessity of raising awareness and support for children with neurological disorders.

“Conteur is dancing for those that are unable to dance, we are moving for the children; inspiring others to be a part of this change. As dancers – our company members are masters of their craft, a craft that is a gift. It is an honour to know that we can move for the children and make an positive impact on their lives through movement.” – Conteur Dance Company 2013

Please take a moment of your time to learn about Conteur’s upcoming presentation of re(ACT) and THREE TO BE, by watching this video.

re(ACT) Fundraising Campaign Video

When supporting re(ACT), you will also be supporting our initiative to donate to this very worthwhile organization, THREE TO BE. Your support is needed and any size financial contribution is encouraged and appreciated!!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


A Preview of what’s to come – Frames

Conteur recently vacated the cold winter in Toronto, Canada and ventured south to capture the dance scene is Barbados! Artistic Director, Eryn Waltman, alongside two company members Bianca Melchior and Daniel Bernardo took to the Barbados scene with a week of intensive workshops, classes and a unique performance of existing and upcoming works from the Company.

In preparation for the embarkment to the sunny surf side, Conteur captured a compilation of new frames, consisting of footage from both The Academy and the Professional Company.


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